Forgiveness and life

Why is forgiveness so important? Why should you forgive others and why should you forgive yourself as well? Well when you hold on to anger, regret, resentment and the other negitive emotions that go along with being unforgiving it is like taking poison and expecting it to hurt the person you are mad at. I […]

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We Walk a Path

We walk a path of our own making and choosing, we sometimes follow parallel paths to others so we may have company on our journey. The path twists and turns along the way intersecting paths of others as well. We wear many masks throughout our journey and at times we even show our true selves […]

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Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Life is a Journey, so travel well.

Life is a journey, it is a path you walk full of new experiences and people to share them with. Early years we learn to socialize and become a part of our community and society. We create our own unique personality and form our own social circles along with our views on life itself. As […]

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