Forgiveness and life

Random Thoughts

Why is forgiveness so important? Why should you forgive others and why should you forgive yourself as well? Well when you hold on to anger, regret, resentment and the other negitive emotions that go along with being unforgiving it is like taking poison and expecting it to hurt the person you are mad at. I am not saying you should not get angry, just be angry and then let it go, forgive the person and heal the wound within yourself.

Holding on to grudges, being unforgiving only keeps a negitive emotions alive within your heart and that is bad for both your mental and physical health. There has been some extensive research into emotions and how they influence ones health. Just as you would imagine, negitive emotions have a negitive impact on your health in whole just as positive emotions and thoughts impact your over all health in a positive manner.

Plus, how does being angry at the other person ever help you or even hurt them beyond the moment of the betrayal or situation that caused it all? Once you state your position and your feelings the other person usually either apologizes and tries to make amends or they shrug it off and leave your social circle. Well that is the non toxic friends anyways, toxic friends are a whole different ball of wax as they say. Those toxic friends ya forgive and then remove them from your social circle due to the fact they will bring nothing but negativity into your life.

Some people say there are things that are unforgivable, and maybe so in your mind and heart you believe this to be true. Nothing is unforgivable if you desire to let go of the anger and hate and move on. That of course does not mean its unforgettable, you forgive but you remove them from your life as much as possible. Forgive for your own sake and not theirs. Life is too short to allow the actions of another influence your life negatively for long. Plus, why would you want to give the other person whom done you wrong that much power over your life and how you feel?

Every person has their take on the unforgivable and forgivable question and I respect those views, just wish everyone could let go of the negativity associated with the negitive experiences within their lives. You only have one life and in the scheme of things its fairly short. Waste as little of it as possible on Negativity and embrace the good found in life.