Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Life is a Journey, so travel well.

Random Thoughts

Life is a journey, it is a path you walk full of new experiences and people to share them with. Early years we learn to socialize and become a part of our community and society. We create our own unique personality and form our own social circles along with our views on life itself. As the years pass we are challanged by circumstanses and learn our own way of Dealing with tradgedy and daily life.

Sometimes we get stuck in life and forget to move forward, a jouney can not continue if you do not move forward. Live in the now, learn from the past but do not stay stuck within it. Plan for the future but then leave the future to itself, for it is what you do now that makes the future you will have.

The words, actions, emotions and thoughts of today are what forms the days ahead of us. If we walk the path of life full of negitiviy we only can ecpect the future to return what we invest in to it. Simply put , life is what we make of it, and what we invest into it. Sure there are external forces at play but the majority of life is controled by your personal choices and actions.

So as you travel on the path of life, be good to yourself and others, be positive and be thankfull. Life is a journey, so Travel well.

Ray Barbier