Random Thoughts (11-06-2019)

Random Thoughts

Friends are an important part of the journey we call life, without friends our emotional and spiritual development would be stunted if not slowed to a crawl. Friends introduce different beliefs, perspectives and in best scenarios an emotional support system to help us cope with life and all of its trials.

Friends come in many flavors and levels, some friends are like extensions of our own psyche, some play the devil’s advocate to help broaden our mental and emotional horizons. When we are young friends come and go a lot faster than as we age, It seems the older we get the less trusting we get or the less willing we become to allowing people into our lives due to negative experiences. Closing ourselves off to the possibility of friends and the benefits of friendships only adds to the feeling of being alienated, unwanted and leads to loneliness.

The more one closes themselves off from the world and friends the more bitterness, apathy, and unhappiness takes root in our hearts. We need to learn to let go of the negative experiences, forgive those that have done us harm and most of all forgive ourselves for the things we regret. We need to open ourselves up to the possibility of new friends, new experiences and to be free from our past. Live in the here and now and leave the past where it belongs. Learn from mistakes and learn not to let those mistakes control our present and future.

Forgiveness, compassion, understanding and the desire to be happy should be the core of our personal philosophy and the building blocks to our way of life. Focus on our own shortcomings and learn to overlook the shortcomings of others, We can not change anyone but ourselves. We though can be a good example for others and be supportive of those in need of support.

Once again this modern layman put his random thoughts out there for you all to read. Make of it what you will and be blessed