Random Thoughts 11/5/19

Random Thoughts

life in modern times has became quite complicated in so many ways, where there was once 1 or 2 options there is a multitude. Where once fear and anger was a small percentage of our lives and world it has now grown quite extensively. It seems people rather hate, fear and point fingers at one another than to reach their hands out in friendship or seek solutions to the current dilemmas facing our society.

Regardless of what sex, race or nationality one is born with / into we all are of the same species, not one is greater or lesser and none are without fault nor virtue. To judge others by such is wrong and never brings to light the truth of who or what the person actually is. Ones words and actions are the true indicator of who and what they are.

In a world with so much disinformation, fake news and politically controlled agendas on the internet and psyop operations by multiple governments the ability to sort the truth / facts from the false and incorrect information is nearly impossible for most people. The rule of thumb in sorting fact from fiction is to look to multiple reliable sources of information and to always be suspect of any information until you can prove it is true.

In a world like we live in it is prudent to see all life as valuable and all people as equal. To belittle one in order to raise another is like putting eating above priority to breathing or vice versa. We must eat and breath to live, one is not of greater importance to the other. Sure if ya stopped breathing you may die faster but stop eating you will die as well. So each are equally important to survival and the same goes for people, each one of us plays a part in the grand scheme of life and no matter how small a cog a person is in the machine it is an important piece of the whole.

Well that is my Random thoughts for now, I am but a layman in the modern world seeking that which i am to find. I wish you all a wonderful day, happiness and peace

Dovestar / Ray Barbier