Random Thoughts Dec 2nd 2019

Random Thoughts

Seems to me the world is going through some changes in society, Extreme views in one direction or another and not enough moderate or centralistic thinking. Even if extreme thinking is necessary sometimes for change it should at least be tempered with compassion and reason. People need to be less sensitive to what others say and focus more on mutual respect for one another.

We are a diverse species, we have a multitude of beliefs systems, cultures and philosophies. We should respect each persons right to believe how they chose. We do not have to agree with one another or with the choices of others but we should have respect for one another and our right to be individuals. We should understand that not everyone will agree with our decision, choices, preferences and or way of life and vice versa.

We should love and respect one another as is, but in today’s world it seems love and acceptance is conditional. Love should never be conditional and tolerance should go both ways. WE should learn to be less judgemental and when we do judge one another we should learn to do so compassionately and with a kind heart. Life may not always be fair, but how we treat each other is solely in our hands. Whe should remember to treat others with the respect and compassion we hope others will show us.