Treat others with kindness and respect

Random Thoughts

To judge another person by your standards and ethics in itself is very unfair. As individuals we all are raised by different parents, having different experiences and come to form our own values, opinions and standards. Sure there should be some basic standards / values we all share as humans but how we interpret them and execute them is still influenced by our own experiences.

For some reason many people focus on the differences between themselves and others around them, be it religious beliefs, moral codes or just social behavior etc. Doing such they become quite blind to the things we all share in common. Labeling one another is a bad habit society seems to have. So many ways one can be branded / labeled in this world. From religious belief, skin tone, nationality and even far as the clothes one wears or the color of their eyes and hair.

I find it quite sad when people quickly make judgements of others due to how they look or what they believe. If you are going to judge one another, judge each other by the way you treat one another. And always remember there is not one of us alive that can claim they are perfect or without some sort of shortcoming. I was taught if I am to judge that I should do it with great mercy and forgiveness, who knows if one day the one you judge may be the one that judges you. Mercy shown usually leads to mercy being returned.

We all may be different, but we all bleed, we all feel pain, joy, sadness , happiness and so on. Most of us seek a peaceful and happy life for ourselves and our children.

If you must judge others then Remember to get to know them well before you do. Treat others with kindness and respect and live your life in a way that will be a great example for others to follow.