We Walk a Path

Random Thoughts

We walk a path of our own making and choosing, we sometimes follow parallel paths to others so we may have company on our journey. The path twists and turns along the way intersecting paths of others as well. We wear many masks throughout our journey and at times we even show our true selves at times.

Sometimes we will be called to be a teacher other times we shall play the student, sometimes we will be as the wise and others we may even play the fool. Regardless we always are learning and sharing our knowledge along our journey.

During our journey we must learn to overcome the demons within and nurture the good that we possess. We must be charitable and understanding and hope for others to show us charity and understanding when we are in need.

We have memories so we can learn from past mistakes and from the correct choices we have made. If we allow those memories consume our mind we will have a hard time moving forward. We must learn from the past but not live in it.

We walk a path of our making and choosing, we are the navigator of our own destiny. The words, actions and thoughts we have are what paves the road ahead. Just as the road we stand on was forged from our past.