Dovestar’s Ramblings 10-17-2022

Humans seem to either need an enemy to rally against or a cause to rally for in order to work together collectively. This tendency is used by political and other actors to benefit their causes, create an enemy or a cause to rally people behind them, and push an agenda that may not even be apparent to those they lead.

Unfortunately, people do not question those they follow enough to see that they are being used and lead down a path that may head in a direction they are not aware of. Those in power, be it politically or financially love to keep people divided and distracted in order to keep them in the dark about what really may be going on around them. This tactic is used by all sides in politics and they also feed our need to fear and ramp up the anger and division if it serves their political interests.

You have to realize politicians and those in power due to wealth either are educated in human psychology or have those around them that are. They utilize propaganda and emotional manipulation to get the desired outcomes they seek. Those in power seek to stay in power, and those who control the wealth seek to maintain and grow that wealth at any cost. Trusting anyone in power blindly is a foolish and dangerous path to follow. Learn to know when you are being manipulated and learn to defend yourself from propaganda. This has nothing to do with a political party or if you are conservative or liberal. It’s about power and control of wealth and the people.

This is not to say all politicians or wealthy people are out to do us in or that they are evil in any way, it is just a warning not all of them are what they seem and some are just very good at deception and misleading those they lead. Educate yourself on all the topics and do not get all your info from any one source, try to find facts not opinionated semi-truths. Also, Educate yourself on Psycolology so you know how to protect yourself from being brainwashed or mislead.

I know that there will be many who disagree with my assessment of how things are in this world right now. I hope many do since that means at least they are thinking for themselves. Maybe I am wrong, to be honest, I hope that I am. But I fear I am not and it’s better to be educated and prepared than unprepared and be a victim of my own psychological traits.

That said, I hope we can find ourselves in a more moderate and cooperative world in the near future and we can get out of this divided and polarized world without any severe consequences.

Peace and Blessings


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