Dovestar’s Ramblings 1/11/2023

Classical Music, something we all were exposed to in one way or another, has a very calming effect on one’s mind and body. I grew up listening to rock and roll and pop music as well, but as I grow older I have found myself listening to classical music more and more. The more I listen to classical music, the more I can see the complexity of the musical pieces and how it helps the mind destress along with how it seems to relax the body. I have noticed that it even has some effect on my heart rate and blood pressure to a small degree.

Music in general is therapeutic to both the mind and body, some research has been done on how music affects our body and our state of mind. One study suggested that different genres of music have different effects on longevity, classical music was one of the genres that seemed to increase one’s lifespan and rock seemed to have the opposite effect. How accurate such a study could be is somewhat questionable due to so many other factors that could skew the results. But it is nice to think that listening to music of any genre could increase one’s lifespan.

Other studies looked at how music affected one’s ability to heal. Here is an article on Harvard health

It gives some examples of how music can aid in healing and aid during operations and also links to some Music therapy programs.

Regardless of the possible health benefits, classical music is something everyone could enjoy if they were to give it a try. there is a lot of free downloadable classical music that is either public domain or creative commons on websites such as Jamendo and the Internet Archive. Some other genres I frequently listen to are the Jazz and Blues Genres and on occasions, I listen to Electronic music genres.

Just remember there is more out there than your usual musical genre preference and it is good to venture out from your comfort zone when it comes to music and art.

Be good to one another and live life with compassion in your heart and understanding in your mind.


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