Transient Reflections

The past serves as a tool for learning by the choices that we have made. It also can be a weight that holds us back if we can’t let go of either the mistakes we have made or the memories that we have. The most common thing that holds us back is a memory of a tragic circumstance or a failure that we feel responsible for. Remembering such things are not designed to hold us back,
instead they are for the purpose of healing. Sometimes it takes having forgiveness for the things we have done as much as for the actions of others.

Some things are just circumstances that we could not control and we want to hold our selves at fault for them. We should remember that the past is the past and that we need to forgive and forget so we can live life instead of reliving  the…

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Transient Reflections

Give Thanks...

The day is coming to an end, another day of life is about to close. Thankful I am for the chance to live. love and the chance to improve who I am. Thankful to God for my friends, those I love and those who love me as well. I am especially thankful to God that all my family made it through another day with me. I pray for good dreams and the lessons they can teach as well for hopefully another day of life for me to live. Thank you God for the blessings of today, yesterday and the days to come.

God Bless all my Readers and Co-Authors. Good Night

Ray Barbier

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One Lifetime Blog

English: Jesus Christ - detail from Deesis mos...

When we learn to put aside all our worries and stress we find that happiness is such an easy thing to obtain. As my mom always told me, let go and let God, thus let God handle all the stressful situations and let him be the source of your strength. Jesus taught if we see a neighbor or even a stranger carrying a heavy load that we should help that person carry the load. If they ask you to carry it a part of the way, you should carry it all the way. The compassion, fellowship and kindness in your heart should always inspire you to help others. Just as Jesus taught us to do, He will do for us the same. Jesus will help carry your load when you need it and he will counsel you when you are unable to discern which way to go.


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Transient Reflections


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven”: Ecclesiastes 3:1


There’s always a right season for everything – season to learn, love, speak, work, marry, and everything. God has kept on reminding us about that.

I would just like to share a little realization. Since I’m a college student, temptations come my way; whether to choose this or not, do this or not and everything that requires second thought – Particularly about love with the opposite sex.

Most of my classmates even my friends have their own boyfriend or girlfriend. According to them, it gave them more inspiration to study or work hard; while some says it just love that made it happened.

Well, I don’t condemn them for having one. It just that I’m thankful to the Lord for he reminded me regarding this issue. THERE’S ALWAYS A SEASON FOR EVERYTHING. …

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Transient Reflections

200px-Descartes mind and body

The mind is constantly bombarded by both external stimuli and inner thought processes. Even  when sleeping the mind is at work solving your problems and living out your fears as well as your fantasies via dreams. During sleep the mind does have time to rest some, but with the amount of sleep most of us are getting it doesn’t get enough rest. This causes many problems from stress on the body and mind to the decrease of mental focus during the day. Lack of adequate sleep over time causes problems with blood pressure and can lead to either depression or crankiness. So little emphasis is put on getting a good night sleep, even some who do get 8 hours of sleep still don’t get the required amount of deep sleep and they pay the same price for those of us that get 5 or 6 hours.

In modern times…

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One Lifetime Blog

So.. my good friend Ray invited (or dared) me to blog a bit….. I suppose I had better introduce myself…. My name is Simon, i’m 42 years old… I originally come from England but now live in Denmark, I own my own computer business and only work to pay my way…. ( I don’t subscribe to th corporate world and materialism, at least not anymore…) I’ve had my share of hard times and have been through the school of hard knocks like Ray and alot of other people….
So what do I wan’t to blog about… well so many topics come to mind, but one keeps coming back….. lets call it “the power of spacing out”…. so here we go….
Having been just another “worker bee” for many years I decided to start my own business 4 years ago (right in the middle of the economic collapse)…. When I used…

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One Lifetime Blog

English: Poverty Русский: Нищенство

Between Mass media and the world-wide web it seems we are becoming a global minded society. Nothing wrong with being global minded as long as we never forget we live in our own small community as well. If we keep our minds distracted with the news of overseas conflicts and international problems we tend to forget the problems we face in our home towns. We should start at home when it comes to helping the needy, impoverished and those who can not fend for themselves. Though I fully support helping the less fortunate on a global scale as well I believe our hometowns should be our first priority. There are hungry, homeless, handicapped and many who can not do for themselves in every town and city in our great nation. Food stamps, welfare are good as temporary solutions in helping those who are able to work and is the right idea…

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