Dovestar’s Thought’s 6/5/2022

We go through life, wanting to be accepted, loved, and needed by those around us. We are taught what others think about us, how they see us etc. is important and we, unfortunately, come to believe it is more important than our own image of ourselves and that what others say about us is true even when it is not.

Seems we all get caught up in the vicious cycle of being judged and judging others as well, we feel that we must fit into the current vision of what is normal and deny our true selves from growing. It matters more what we think of ourselves, how we view ourselves, and all the thoughts and emotions that go along with that.

Most of us go through life seeking out love, some of us go from partner to partner thinking we haven’t found the right person to love and to be loved by. Most of the time it is that what we are seeking is the excitement of chemical attraction and the fairytale version of what we think romantic love is supposed to be.

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People tend to mistake the biological response to the opposite sex as love, that biological response is there to bring you together with a possible partner but it will fade eventually and then you must build a relationship with your partner if you haven’t already. Just remember your partner is there to share with you as you are there to share with them. it is a two-way street and neither side is property or a possession.

In order to be loved, or should I say to accept the love of another one must learn to love themselves. We usually tend to judge ourselves far more harshly than we do others, and we tend to have less compassion for ourselves than we do for others and that makes it hard for us to love ourselves. To love ourselves is not always easy, we have to discard all the opinions of others we subconsciously accepted as truth and learn to forgive ourselves for the things we did that we see as wrong. We have to accept our shortcomings as well as find and celebrate the good things in us.

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Forgiveness of ourselves and others is a key to happiness and a path to loving others as well as being loved. Forgiving someone does not condone the wrongdoing, it just releases them and yourself from all the negative emotions and thoughts surrounding the situation. It frees up all that energy to be used for more positive and constructive things in your life. Holding on to a grudge is just living in a traumatic situation constantly, you get stuck in the past and get to where you can not move forward. Forgiveness breaks the chains and helps you to be able to heal and move forward into a brighter future.

Worry less about what your neighbor thinks about you and worry more about how your neighbor is doing. Love them even if they don’t seem to like or love you. Find compassion for them and find compassion for yourself. Do not be a mirror of those around you, be the image of what you want to see others reflect back at you.

May your path in life lead to happiness, wellness, and love, and may you find what you seek in life, my friends.

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